Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors

We offer a complete range of aluminium doors in Derby and Derbyshire. Our doors have been designed and built to complement our beautiful aluminium windows, giving you consistency across the entire aluminium range.

These aluminium doors are stylish and attractive, and will suit any property. They are secure, durable and energy efficient, as well as being manufactured to the highest standard.

Aluminium Residential Doors Allestree

Sophisticated Designs

Our contemporary and refined aluminium residential doors are highly sought after for their exceptional style, efficiency and security.

They are popular among home owners as they enhance modern aesthetics and offer improved home security.

They create an elegant and practical entrance to your property and are now an incredibly popular choice in the home improvement industry.

Stronger Doors

Our Smart aluminium doors from Sternfenster are exceptionally robust and practically indestructible due to their integral strength.

Combine this with multi-lock reinforcement and you have an extremely secure residential door, giving you peace of mind.

All this strength does not detract from the aesthetics of our aluminium doors, their super sleek frames cleverly disguise their remarkable toughness and durability.


Aluminium Patio Doors Derby

Long Lasting

These aluminium doors are highly resilient to temperature fluctuations which sometimes cause doors to warp. This is why they make such a fantastic entrance to your home. You will have incredibly long lasting service, giving you many years of outstanding performance.

We understand that accessibility is an important factor when choosing a door. Our aluminium doors are especially accessible and particularly well matched for regular wheelchair access. Our doors are designed to last, their strong threshold will allow long term, safe and easy passing.

Energy Efficient

We ensure that all our products are completely weather resistant and use an effective thermal barrier for greater insulation. Our aluminium doors are manufactured using cutting edge thermal technology, meaning that our aluminium frames will help keep energy bills down while maintaining a warm and comfortable home.

Rigorously Tested

All our aluminium doors have been tested to the highest standards to ensure that they are strong, thermally efficient and weather proof.

You can rely on our aluminium doors to give you years and years of quality performance.

Aluminium Residential Doors Duffield

Colours and Styles

As with our aluminium windows, our doors come in a wide range of colour options. You can choose from a cast selection of long lasting powder coated finishes and stunning RAL colours. Options include textured finishes, wood effects and dual colour (different colours on the inside and outside).

These aluminium doors are very adaptable and maintenance free. Our aluminium finishes also come with a 10 year guarantee!

Aluminium Door Prices in Derby and Derbyshire

We offer fantastic prices on all our aluminium doors in Derby and Derbyshire. Our quotes are tailored to your requirements and our incredibly competitive. For your free, no obligation quote, please use our online contact form. We are sure that you will be pleased with our prices and look forward to hearing from you.

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