Aluminium Patio Doors

Aluminium Patio Doors

We install stunning aluminium patio doors in Derby, Burton upon Trent, Ashbourne, Chesterfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Loughborough and local areas.

Our superb aluminium patio doors are sure to enhance any home. These doors are a fantastic option for homeowners looking to create a beautiful and seamless connection between their house and garden. Patio doors allow you to embrace nature, while at the same time, their thermal efficiency and weatherproofing protect you from harsh conditions.

These doors are the perfect choice for both commercial and residential properties. This is because they can be tailored to suit an extensive range of building styles and sizes. Due to clever design, even large panes of glass can be held safely in the slim frames. No matter what style, size or glass you choose, our aluminium patio doors always operate in a smooth, easy motion.

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Key Features

  • Ultra-slim sightlines for improved light and views
  • Impressively low U-value of 1.8W/m2K
  • EPDM rubber gaskets to keep out rain and wind
  • Internally glazed to deter potential intruders
  • Wide range of colours and finishes to choose from
  • Premium hardware for better functionality
  • Long, reliable lifespan

Sensations Colour Range

Velour White
Frost White
Platinum Grey
Desert Grey
Antique Grey
Vulcan Black
Obsidian Black
Provence Green
Olive Green
Antique Green
Amazon Green
Steel Blue
Ocean Blue
Sky Blue
Mars Red
Basque Red
Sienna Brown
Cocoa Brown
Chestnut Brown
Silver Grey
Diamond Grey

Naturals Colour Range

Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Green

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Aluminium Patio Doors Allestree

Panoramic Views

Our aluminium patio doors are designed to provide you with stunning, expansive views. This is achieved through the ultra-slim sightlines, which allow a greater glazed area. Due to the large expanse of glass, you can enjoy near panoramic views, even when the doors are closed. Installing aluminium patio doors is an easy way to enjoy a seamless connection with nature.

We can adapt our aluminium patio doors to make the most of your available space. With a choice of between two and six sliding sashes, the doors can work in any sized home. In larger homes, we can use a higher number of panels to create a beautiful, wall of glass effect. This opens up the entire side of your house, meaning you can enjoy even broader and more impressive views.

Aluminium Patio Doors Duffield

Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium patio doors are not only beautiful, but they are also highly energy efficient. In the past, a vast expanse of glass would suggest poor insulation. However, with our aluminium patio doors, this is no longer the case! Our aluminium patio doors are 28mm double glazed units and can achieve a U-value of 1.8 W/m²K. This keeps your home warm and cosy all year.

The sturdy, thermally broken aluminium frame also works to improve thermal efficiency. It features a polyamide thermal barrier, which prevents heat from being lost through the frame. The doors also feature high quality EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes. This prevents draughts and rain from entering your home, which would make it less comfortable.

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High Security

For your peace of mind, we have fitted our aluminium patio doors with plenty of effective security features. For example, the sashes are internally glazed. This technique makes it far more difficult for any would-be intruders to tamper with or damage the doors in order to gain entry. We also fit high security, multipoint locking mechanisms as standard to master sliding sashes.

Protecting your home is a prime concern, and with these aluminium patio doors, you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure. As well as the specific security features we include, our aluminium patio doors are made using premium material and hardware. This quality ensures that they have impressive inherent strength, capable of withstanding attack.

Practical Design

Practicality is at the heart of our aluminium patio door design. By sliding open rather than swinging, the doors are perfect for rooms where space is at a premium. You won’t have to worry about catching curtains or snagging carpets with this door design. We can also fit these sliding doors to open to the left or right, depending on which option suits your home best.

Market leading experts manufacture our aluminium patio doors, using premium materials. This means that they feature a precision engineered sliding mechanism, which ensures even the largest sashes will slide smoothly. These doors can be operated effortlessly, with little more than a nudge. The durable materials ensure this performance will last for years.

Fully Configurable Design

We know that homes vary in size, style and layout, which means that every homeowner has different needs. To accommodate for this diversity, our aluminium patio doors are incredibly customisable. You can choose a double or triple track, to enable multiple sliders to move in the same direction. This gives you the potential to have as wide an opening aperture as you desire.

With our sliding doors, you also have the option of between 2 and 6 sashes. You can also choose whether the door slides inside or outside the home. As well as practical aspects, you also have control over the look. Our aluminium patio doors come in a wide range of colours and finishes. We even offer a selection of stunning furniture options, such as colour matched handles.

Aluminium Patio Doors Prices

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