Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

We install stunning aluminium windows in Derby, Burton upon Trent, Ashbourne, Chesterfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Loughborough and local areas.

Modern, sleek and sophisticated, are three words that sum up the look of our aluminium windows. We offer two main collections, the Alitherm 600 and the Heritage 47. These stunning windows will add visual appeal to any house. So, whether your home is a classic, countryside cottage or a modern, minimalist townhouse, we can provide a window that perfectly suits you. Get in touch today!

Not only will our aluminium windows give your home kerb appeal, but they also offer excellent energy efficiency, security and durability. These features will keep you feeling safe and comfortable. The windows also feature EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes, to keep the elements out of your home. Why not choose a window system that delivers across the board?

Key Features

  • The ideal steel replacement, Crittall alternative windows
  • Premium aluminium for improved strength and lifespan
  • Modern weatherproofing to defend against the elements
  • A wide range of low maintenance, long lasting finishes
  • Highly effective, modern locking systems for increased security

Sensations Colour Range

Velour White
Frost White
Platinum Grey
Desert Grey
Antique Grey
Vulcan Black
Obsidian Black
Provence Green
Olive Green
Antique Green
Amazon Green
Steel Blue
Ocean Blue
Sky Blue
Mars Red
Basque Red
Sienna Brown
Cocoa Brown
Chestnut Brown
Silver Grey
Diamond Grey

Naturals Colour Range

Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Green

Alitherm 600 Aluminium Windows 


Stunning Appearance

Our aluminium windows offer a beautiful appearance. They have a slender frame, with a depth of 59mm or 70mm. This creates slim sightlines, while retaining impressive strength. Due to this design, they have a sleek look, unmatched by plastic windows. We even offer the frames in a range of colours, to suit the style of your home.

Although aluminium is a highly modern material, these windows can still offer a period look. Should you want a traditional style, we can provide ovolo detailing and classic colours. Alternatively, you can choose to highlight the modernity of aluminium. You can create a clean look that suits contemporary homes.

Aluminium Windows

Thermally Efficient

Alitherm 600 aluminium windows provide excellent energy performance. Their efficiency is due to the thermally broken frame and polyamide bridge. Polyamide has a high resistance to heat transfer, which stops warmth being lost through the frame. This design means that Alitherm 600 windows achieve a B WER rating and a U-value of 1.3W/m2K.

Installing these efficient aluminium windows will prevent precious heat from escaping your home. This can keep you warmer and more comfortable. As well as this, efficient windows could save you money! They may reduce how often you need to use your central heating to warm up your home. As a result, you could find that you have a lower annual heating bill.

Low Maintenance, Long Lifespan

Alitherm 600 windows are designed to offer high performance for an impressive number of years. The high quality aluminium that is used isn’t susceptible to rusting like steel or rotting like timber. This means you won’t have to worry about preventing or fixing these issues. When you choose to enhance your home with aluminium windows, you are making a worthwhile investment that will last for years to come.

Whatever colour you choose for your aluminium windows will be created by applying a long lasting, powder coating. These finishes are incredibly versatile, durable and maintenance free! They will stay looking fresh for years, making them a brilliant investment for your home. We are so confident in their lifespan that our finishes come with a 10-year guarantee!


Heritage 47 Aluminium Windows


Steel Replacement Windows

Our collection of Heritage 47 windows is perfect for homeowners wanting to replace their tired, run-down steel windows. These aluminium windows offer the same, very slim frame and sightlines as traditional steel or Crittall windows. Their authentic look makes Heritage 47 aluminium windows ideal for period homes and listed building renovations.

Our slim aluminium windows equal the look of classic steel windows. However, Heritage 47 windows outstrip these traditional frames in terms of thermal performance, affordability and convenience. Aluminium windows are lighter, more cost effective and recyclable! This makes them the superior choice for both your home and the environment.

High Performance

Heritage 47 windows offer you a classic look, as well as a thoroughly modern performance. They feature a polyamide thermal break, the thermal conductivity of which is 160 times better than steel! This can keep your home warmer. Not only is this better for your comfort, but it could also save you money by reducing how often you use your central heating!

These aluminium windows can reach a U-value as low as 1.5W/m2K. They also feature EDPM rubber gaskets and multipoint locking, to keep your home protected from whatever may be outside. These features mean that Heritage 47 aluminium windows are the ideal option for homeowners wanting the look of steel or Crittall frames but with added benefits.


Long gone are the days when double glazed windows only came in white or black. With our aluminium windows, you can choose from a wide selection of colours. We even offer anodised finishes, including gold, bronze and silver.  This freedom means that you can create bespoke windows that will suit any style of home or property. Whether your home is a period cottage or modern apartment, these windows will enhance its look.

To give you even more control, our Heritage 47 windows are also available in a number of different styles. The options include fixed pane, sash, tilt and turn and casement. You can choose the style that best suits your space and needs. Our aluminium windows are also available with a selection of colour-matched accessories and hardware. The selection includes a variety of handles and peg stays.

Aluminium Windows Prices

We offer stunning aluminium windows at competitive prices. You can find a beautiful window in your budget. To get your tailored quote, please use our online quoting engine. You can also get in touch through our contact form. Start the process today!

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