Orangeries in Derby and Derbyshire

We create bespoke and stunning Orangeries in Derby and Derbyshire. Combining timeless beauty with cutting edge technology, our Orangeries feature traditional lantern roofs, brick pillars and classically styled windows and doors.

These lavish Orangeries are an amazing choice for adding conservatory light and space to your home without needing to compromise on efficiency or privacy. Our Orangeries are robust and they are a novel blend of a typical extension with a stylish conservatory.

Choosing an Orangery is a great decision for adding depth to a kitchen, dining room or family room. Your unique design means that there are extensive possibilities open to you, be it as a bedroom, an office, or just a quiet, peaceful space where you can relax and recharge. Whatever your Orangery’s purpose, we will provide you with a quality and highly valued extension.

Bespoke Orangeries

Orangery Design Options

  • We offer a range of colours.
  • You can choose from a simple elegant cladding infill or select the fluted infill for additional embellishment and more refined finish.
  • Columns can be full height or sit on a low wall. They will be a striking feature of your front corners but could also be situated at the rear corners, against the wall of your home or even in between frames on each side of door openings.

Bespoke Orangeries

Energy Efficient

Orangeries differ from conservatories in that they offer a solid wall of construction, meaning that you can have cavity insulation. Your Orangery will provide you with a comfortable and warm environment, much more energy efficient than a traditional conservatory, while still providing you with exceptional light from an ‘open’ glass ceiling.


Incredibly Practical

Our practical Orangeries enable you to benefit from the light and open feel of a conservatory while still giving you all the practicalities of a modern sunroom. Due to their incredible insulating properties, an Orangery can be used all year round and not just in the summer months.


Greater Privacy

Unlike a conservatory, which will usually be constructed of floor to ceiling glass, Orangeries offer much more privacy while still capturing lots of light. Our Orangeries are designed to be a seamless extension of your property, with their brick structure providing greater privacy, sound insulation and acoustic properties.

A Great Investment

Our Orangeries make a fantastic investment for your home. They give you a truly versatile space that you can use throughout the year. Your Orangery can be incredibly versatile and gives you the very highest standard of luxury living. It will be a comfortable space in the summer months as well as warm during colder weather, meaning you can benefit from extra space all year round. A Kedleston Orangery will add great value to your lifestyle and home.

Orangery Prices

For a free, no obligation Orangery quote, you can use our simple and intelligent online contact form. It will give you a bespoke quote in just a few minutes based on your design requirements. To discuss your Orangery needs in further detail, please contact us.

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