Residence 9 Doors

Residence 9 Doors in Derby and Derbyshire

We offer stunning and classical Residence 9 doors in Derby and Derbyshire. This high end door system can be incorporated into any room in your home, your conservatory or orangery.

These exquisite doors combine beautiful looks and attractive style choices with outstanding soundproofing and efficiency. They are the most sought after door design for traditional and period homes.

Authentic Replica Timber Doors

For a perfect replication of traditional timber doors with flush fitting sashes, the Residence 9 door system is the ideal choice.

They are designed to match sumptuous 19th Century aesthetics and give you a lavish timber style with modern day functionality.

Residence 9 doors can be considered for use in Conservation Areas due to their exceedingly authentic appearance.

These doors are created using expert craftsmanship and are hand finished. Residence 9 door systems are a stunning timber replica that will appeal to any homeowner wanting a high end luxury door brand.

Solidor R9

Incredibly Energy Efficient

Our uPVC Residence 9 doors are manufactured using intelligent technology meaning that they are more thermally efficient, durable and low maintenance when compared with standard timber doors. Built using a mixture of high end materials, these doors are a luxury alternative to wooden doors.

They are extremely weather proof, standing up to the harshest of conditions. The Residence 9 door has achieved one of the highest classifications on the weather test due to its tough design.

Multi-Chambered Profile

Residence 9 doors are manufactured using an innovative nine-chambered profile which provides superior energy efficiency as well as greater security. These doors are incredibly robust, giving you outstanding performance for many years to come.

Residence 9 Doors

Maintenance Free

Residence 9 doors require minimal maintenance. They will never rot, never need repainting and never warp.

They are available in heritage colours, the ‘easy clean rebates’ are also foiled in the same finish, meaning the only maintenance you will need to do is the occasional wipe clean.

You will never have to concern yourself with their upkeep as these hard wearing Residence 9 doors will provide you with a long lasting performance.

Residence 9 Doors

Tailored to Your Tastes

We provide you with stunning uPVC Residence doors that complement both your home and your lifestyle. You can tailor your door with a range of colours and finishes which match our Residence 9 window range. Our doors are also available with low thresholds, aiding accessibility to your home.

Residence 9 Door Prices

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