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Sliding Sash Windows Derby

Sliding sash windows bring to mind heritage properties with old-fashioned doors and windows. In fact, most listed properties are limited to this window style in order to maintain the authentic look. However, just because your Derby property requires old-fashioned windows does not mean you should compromise on their performance.

Our sliding sash windows are ideal for giving your home the elegantly conventional appearance. However, they are designed with the latest technology to give you modern performance. In fact, whether you want the traditional heritage look or quirky windows for your modern home, our sliding sash windows are an ideal choice.

In spite of their design, they are not as high-maintenance as original timber windows. They are surprisingly easy to care for. As a matter of fact, the innovative tilt technology makes them even easier to clean. They are more resilient, as well as more energy efficient. What’s more, they even improve the security of your home.

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High Performing Sliding Sash Windows

We offer sliding sash windows that look authentic and elegant. These stylish windows come in a choice of colours. For a traditional look, you can opt for woodgrain foil finishes. As a result, you get windows that are indistinguishable from real wooden windows.

Moreover, you get high-performing windows for heat efficiency. We fit your sliding sash windows with high performance glass with a U-rating of 1.2W/m2k. As a result, your windows come with an A-rating for thermal efficiency. This means your home remains warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside. You spend less energy and save money on heating bills.

The performance is not just limited to heat efficiency. These sliding sash windows are installed with superior hardware. As a result, you get smooth operation throughout their lives. Additionally, the tilt feature that you can add makes them great for controlled ventilation.

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Weatherproof Sliding Sash Windows for Your Derby Home

When we install your sliding sash windows, we ensure that they fit snugly. This means that not only is the frame installed flush against the aperture, but that there is no space between the frame and the sash. We use weatherproof gaskets to ensure this seal.

As a result, when you close your windows, no amount of rain or wind will ever get in. This results in a home that is warm and dry at all times. In fact, our seals can be so effective that you won’t even get noise inside. You never have to worry about draughts, or seepage and damp adversely affecting your belongings. In fact, your home will always be protected from the elements.

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Give Your Home the Kedleston Advantage

When you choose Kedleston for your double glazing needs, you are buying trustworthy service and reliable products. We have a reputation of giving our customers above average quality and installations. In fact, we come with the assurance from FENSA, CERTASS, Stroma, and Secured by Design.

Our engineers are highly trained, and are perfectionists when it comes to double glazing installation. When you get your sliding sash windows from us, you can be sure that they’ll give you years of unflagging service.

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Sliding Sash Window Prices in Derby

Just like our quality and service, our sliding sash window prices are also amazing. We do not believe in exorbitant prices and high mark-ups. To learn more about our competitive sliding sash window prices in Derby, get in touch [link] with us. Someone from our friendly team will help you with any questions you may have.

We also give you the option of instant window prices with our online quote generator. Simply tell it what your specifications are, and it will generate a free quote for you.

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